We Build Awesome WordPress Themes & Website Templates. Just Saying.

The what.

Well, what can we say? LayerSupplyCo is the new theme shop on the block - a place to get a professionally designed theme to make your site standout in the crowd.

If you're a site owner looking for a professional design and top-notch functionality without having to break the bank, then it looks like we're going to become the best of friends :)

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The who.

LayerSupplyCo was created by a single dude, awesome dude. Claude Meri alone make up the ridiculously handsome line-up.

The why.

Because I love WordPress. Having used WordPress as a solution for my clients in the past, I wanted to help grow the community that has served me so generously.

The how.

We design 'em, we build 'em, you use 'em, we support 'em - that's pretty much how this all works. All customers have access to free theme updates and dedicated support. Nice.

The when.

You can start enjoying our themes right now! The real when: LayerThemes was founded in July 2013. Rebranded LayerSupplyCo in July 2017 after a bunch of elbow grease.